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The Centre is administered by the Varsity Lakes Community Resource Centre Volunteer Management Committee. We are funded by The Queensland Department of Treaty, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Partnerships, Communities and the Arts

At the Annual General Meeting, financial members elect the Management Committee, whose responsibility it is to oversee management of the community centre.

VLCRC operates in the following way:

Ethical:  We are committed to ethical practice, accountability, and professionalism.
Respectful:  We respect individuals for their diverse backgrounds, experiences, approaches, and ideas.
Inclusive: We encourage, empower, and support community participation through social inclusion.
Collaborative: We work in partnership with people and other organisations to benefit the community.


VLCRC envisions a united community, empowering diversity through accessible resources and collaborative initiatives. We foster well-being, equality, and a vibrant Varsity Lakes tapestry.


VLCRC is committed to addressing critical issues, fostering community development, and improving lives. Providing services that embody compassion, innovation, and dependability, we prioritise the requirements of our valued community members. We employ our resources strategically to accomplish transformative goals, exemplifying integrity and influence. Our mission is to effect positive change. Our team finds satisfaction in our supportive environment. Our distinctive advantage resides in our unwavering dedication to collaborative advancement. These principles guide our pursuit of an inclusive community.


We strive to create a welcoming environment that values and celebrates the success of its members. We acknowledge the importance of friendship building, social networking and developing individual and community vitality. We strive to recognise and respond to changing community needs and trends through dynamic and innovative programmes. We value the individual contributions of staff and committee members to enhance our service to the wider community.


Our volunteers are the backbone of VLCRC. Volunteers run most of the activities in the Centre, giving their time to assist members of their community to meet others, get fit and to learn new skills. Without their help, the Centre would not be able to provide so many services at a nominal cost.


When you become a volunteer you make new friends, learn more about your community and help with many of the social events, e.g. Seniors Week, Christmas parties, Family Funday, Halloween.

Volunteering can be a pathway to employment by allowing you to gain experience in a supported environment.

For more information on opportunities to volunteer email or call the Centre on (07) 5593 7006.

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